Custom Baby Bottle Favors
Custom Baby Bottle Favors
Please select a DATE NEEDED when purchasing. All orders are booked and shipped on a date needed basis. We know the importance of planning an event so please order/plan accordingly. Your order will ship the same week to the date selected. Orders ship the beginning of the week typically Monday and/or Tuesday.
Custom Color for Bottle Cap and Nipple
this is optional

Let's personalize your baby shower favors! Baby bottles are a classic and fun way to decorate your baby shower and will add a personal touch to your event. Fill them with your choice of fun sweet candy.

Please note, the bottles will be EMPTY. This order DOES NOT include candy. The candy used for the photos are just an example. 

  • Each plastic bottle is clear
  • Measures 3.5"
  • Baby bottle is clear, pink/blue or color you desire screw-on cap and white nipple top. Nipple can be painted as well.
  • The top screws off for you to fill with your choice of sweets - making this favor customized on the inside and the outside!



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