Legit BO$$ Cupcake Toppers

Diaper Diva Creations, LLC

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Legit BO$$ Cupcake Toppers
Please select a DATE NEEDED in the drop-down when purchasing. All orders are booked and shipped on a date needed basis. We know the importance of planning an event so please order/plan accordingly. Your order will ship the same week to the date selected. Orders ship the beginning of the week typically Monday and/or Tuesday. NOTE* Please DO NOT select the first date if your event is not until months out. *** DUE TO COVID AND DELAYS IN SHIPMENT, PLEASE SELECT A DATE THAT'S 1-2 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR EVENT DATE AS ORDERS ARE SHIPPED MON/TUES OF THE SAME WEEK OF YOUR SELECTED WEEKEND DATE ****
Make your childs birthday party stand out with these awesome cupcake toppers.

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