Custom Cereal Box

Diaper Diva Creations, LLC

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Custom Cereal Box
Please select a DATE NEEDED when purchasing. All orders are booked and shipped on a date needed basis. We know the importance of planning an event so please order/plan accordingly. Your order will ship the same week to the date selected. Orders ship the beginning of the week typically Monday and/or Tuesday.
If adding a photo, the photo MUST be good quality, not cropped, no screenshots, not edited, and no filter. We need the original photo and we will do the rest.
Please add 6-15 words that describes the person (example: Funny, Smart, etc)

How cool to have your own cereal?! Why not grab your own. Perfect for birthdays, photoshoots, keepsakes, and gifts.

Custom Cereal Boxes are perfect party favor addition to any event. These are great for birthdays, baby showers, baptism, holidays, business events, and so much more. We can add your theme to these custom cereal boxes.

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